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Who We Are

We are Tangelic, an emerging organization committed to initiating sweeping changes in areas that deeply affect communities.

With a targeted focus on resolving the unhoused crisis in the United States, empowering youth through innovative initiatives, and enhancing community health, we are setting the stage for profound societal change.

What Drives Us

At Tangelic, we’re driven by creating sustainable solutions that offer long-lasting societal change.

Our Core Initiatives

  • Unhoused Crisis Solutions: Developing compassionate strategies for effective housing and rehabilitation.
  • Youth Initiatives and Mentorship Programs: Encouraging the potentials of the younger generation through educational enrichment and skill development.
  • Community Health: Implementing health interventions tailored to meet the needs of underprivileged communities.

Become a Part of the Movement

Are you driven by a desire to effect tangible, lasting change?

Explore the avenues for involvement with Tangelic. We offer a range of career opportunities and collaborative partnerships that could be your gateway to creating real impact.

Your Questions Answered

Curious about our operations or interested in learning more?

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to offer you the insights you seek.

Support Our Work

We are at the onset of a journey that promises to transform lives and communities. Your support, in any form, is the cornerstone of this transformation.
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