Uniting for Greater Impact


Strategic collaborations magnify our impact. Tangelic seeks partnerships with organizations, institutions, and individuals committed to lasting societal change.

Who Can Collaborate

Below are the entities we are looking to collaborate with. Each comes with its distinct set of opportunities for co-creation and societal change.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Join us in co-creating specialized programs focused on issues ranging from the unhoused crisis in the US to quality education and community health.

Educational Institutions

Let's work together to implement mentorship programs, workshops, and educational initiatives that benefit underserved communities.


Engage with us to further your corporate social responsibility objectives. Sponsor a program, lend your expertise, or enable employee volunteer opportunities.

Government Entities

We're open to partnerships that enable policy influence and drive systemic change in areas such as housing, youth services, and public health.

Individual Experts

Professionals and academics can contribute through research collaborations, program evaluations, and by offering subject matter expertise.

Collaboration Models:

Choose from a variety of collaboration models based on mutual interests and resources.

  1. Project Partnerships: Collaborate on a specific project, sharing resources, expertise, and responsibilities.
  2. Resource Sharing: Leverage each other’s strengths by sharing human, technological, or financial resources.
  3. Awareness Campaigns: Co-host events, webinars, or social media campaigns to raise awareness on critical issues.

How to Collaborate:

Reach Out

Send us an inquiry through our ‘Contact Us’ page or directly email our collaboration team.

Discussion & Planning

We will schedule a meeting to discuss alignment, expectations, and a potential roadmap.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

After mutual agreement, we formalize the partnership through an MoU or contract.


Kick off the collaboration and work hand-in-hand towards achieving our common goals.


The duration is flexible and determined by the specific needs and objectives of the partnership.
While we have started with a national focus, we are open to international collaborations that align with our goals.
Funding mechanisms can vary and are usually outlined in the MoU. This could include grants, sponsorships, or shared investments.

We believe in the necessity and power of collaboration for sustainable impact. If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us in creating a lasting legacy of change.

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