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At Tangelic, we are on a mission to redefine what it means to effect social transformation. But the journey towards a more equitable society is one we can’t walk alone. That’s why we invite you—passionate individuals, community leaders, and changemakers—to join hands with us in making a meaningful difference. Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone looking for an enriching experience, Tangelic offers a diverse range of opportunities to engage, learn, and contribute.

Ways to Get Involved:

Volunteer with Us:

Are you an expert in grant writing, digital marketing, or program management? Or perhaps you are someone with a little extra time and a lot of heart? We have a range of roles that could benefit from your skills and passion.

Become a Mentor:

As part of our Youth Initiatives, we offer mentorship programs where experienced individuals can guide the younger generation, offering them insights, life skills, and professional guidance.

Host a Fundraiser:

If you have a knack for mobilizing resources, why not host a fundraiser to support one of our causes? We will provide all the necessary materials and support to make it a success.

Corporate Partnerships:

Are you part of an organization looking to amplify its social responsibility efforts? Partner with us on special projects, sponsor events, or engage in employee volunteering.

Next Steps:


  1. Contact Us: Fill out our ‘Get Involved’ form to let us know how you’d like to contribute. We’ll get back to you with the relevant information and next steps.
  2. Orientation: All new volunteers and partners go through an orientation process to align with Tangelic’s mission and programs.
  3. Engage: Step into your role and start making a difference!
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We welcome volunteers from a wide age range. All volunteer roles have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. Some positions, particularly those that demand specialized educational qualifications or extensive experience, may require applicants to be 21 years or older. For specific age and qualification criteria, please inquire for more details.

Absolutely! We have a range of remote-friendly roles to accommodate volunteers from various locations.
Time commitments can vary depending on the role. Some roles may require a minimum commitment, while others are more flexible.

For more information, feel free to visit our FAQ section or reach out to us directly. Your involvement can serve as a powerful catalyst for social change. Let’s join forces and make the world a better place, one impactful step at a time.

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